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    Nikon Super CoolScan 9000 ED Photo, Slide & Film Scanner

    I bought it brand new, only owner. very well kept, super well maintained and it is in perfect working conditions. I have all the original accessories it comes with. I have the original box that will ship in. Includes adapters to scan 35mm negatives, 35mm slides and 120. all original items.

    When the scanner was not in use, I kept it covered with plastic to prevent dust from entering device. It scans with the quality of a drum scan, I know because I have compared both using the same slide and could tell the difference. This was one of the best film scanners ever designed by Nikon and the industry in general. You can Buy it hands down. You will love i

    Listed Price, $3,500.00 but I am willing to hear a best offer. Do not offer crazy low or it will be ignored.

    Email me directly if interested to:

    Item location: South Florida, US.

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    Im in the market for a CoolScan for 120 but im not sure what the difference is between the LS and ED versions, could you explain? Thanks!

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    I am not sure about the 'LS' letters and what they stand for but the 'ED' I think refers to the lens through which the image is digitised

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